Cola Schnitz injured in the game

Cola Schnitz injured in the game against West Bromville away Petter Granberg Jersey, is the team was exhausted schedule under the pressure of the outbreak of a direct signal Colton Sissons Jersey. 7 games only take 2 wins, plus the team schedule and Sanchez, Ozil because of the winter transfer window opened into the team rumors, Arsenal's four-way battle extremely rugged. Both sides of the game should wear significant contrast jerseys, so that the referee Viktor Arvidsson Jersey, the audience and television viewers can identify two teams P.K Subban Jersey. Arsenal's two away jerseys are dark colors, and West Brown's home shirt color similar, and the gunman's home white shorts and shorts home pants shorts color conflict, so simply the red shirt with the same red shorts, As a result, the two teams jersey color is completely different from the open. White sleeves red, this is not a super Mario yet? Some fans joked on social media. In fact, Arsenal have not been through in 40 years, the last to date back to World War I against Queens Park Rangers in 1978, and the 1970 Boxing Day war against Southampton, in contrast to snow-covered venues The gunman also switched white shorts to red.
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